Bonds May Coach for Miami Marlins

The greatest power hitter of all time, Barry Bonds, has a tentative plan in place to work with the Miami Marlins as a hitting coach. According to insiders, the Marlins have offered Bonds the job, and he plans to accept, but it just hasn’t been finalized. As such, the deal is far from official at this point, but it would be a big move on both sides. The Marlins have struggled over the last several years with hitting. Last year, as a whole, the team hit .260. The most consistent team in ML...

Some Solid Free Agents

For true baseball fans, the free agency season is almost as exciting as when the actual games go back to full swing in April. There are still a number of top players that are free agents, and as the teams make bids and deals, fans wait with anxiety as they hope their favorite teams pick up precisely the players needed to help them have an even better season next year than they did the year before. Let’s take a More

Michigan has Big Win Against BYU

The Michigan Wolverines might have had a rough start to their season, but they have convinced most people that they are serious contenders on the NCAA Division I scene this year. They walloped number 22 ranked BYU 31-0 on Saturday, and did so in style. This was the first time that Michigan has produced a shutout since 2012, and the first time that BYU has been shutout since 2003. In other words, it was a very convincing win. This is coach Jim Harbaugh’s first year coaching th...

Picks to Think About

The high-low drafting method within daily fantasy sports is well known, but not well used. The concept is really simple, but to use it right requires thinking outside the box and looking for players that are not actually low worth, just low in price. As you get ready to draft your daily fantasy football team, here are two underrated players with a lot of potential to keep in mind for your “scrubs” selections. We’ll let you pick the “stars” on your own. Going with either or both ...